domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2014

Last activity: Fashion lesson

Considering everything learned so far, we will make a fashion show in class.

1.- First of all, choose a friend of you, because you're going to work in pairs.

2.- Now, all of you can go to the theatre room in school and try a costume.

3.- Each one will  prepare the description of his/her partner's outfit, as if it was a journalist broadcasting the fashion show. You have 10 minutes to do all of this.

NOTE: If you don't know how to say some costume accessory, look for it at the dictionary and write it down on a piece of paper.

Meantime, I (the teacher) have been separating tables and decorating the classroom, with papers simulating a gateway in the center.

By order of list, every "model" will performance the parade while its corresponding "journalist" describes his/her outfit.

The rest of the classmates will give your opinion about the descrption and the perfomance. After that, we'll join all the new words learnt in our classroom dictionary.

       I hope you'll like it!!

Read and draw my family photo

1.- In this exercise, you'll read a text. It's a description about my family photo, using the words you've learnt about clothes, positions, and family names. You have to read carefully, and when you've finished, you have to draw the picture of my family, following the descrption.

The text is on the next link:

I can't wait to see your drawings!! :))

2.- For the next session, (you have to do it at home before) write a text describing one of your family photographies (it must be real, you have to show this photo). You have to save your photo and give your describing text to your table partner. He/she have to draw the photo, following your description.

Then, show the photo to your partner. You two can work toghether now, looking for the differences between the real picture and your partner's drawing.

Have fun!


1.- Go to the next link:

Download the file and open it with Chrome, Explorer, Firefox or someting like this.

You'll find this exercise. Follow the instructions and enjoy!!

2.- Now, you're going to work with your own body:

Take a photo of you in every position at the exercise, and then copy all your photos in a Microsoft Word document. You have to write the position under every image, and your name at the top of the page.

Save this word document in your pendrive, with the name: YOUR NAME_POSITIONS. For example: Carol Merino_POSITIONS

Then, at classroom, take your pc, insert the pendrive and copy this document in our classroom folder, in school server. (You know how to do it. Remember it's in unit (P:)/ALUMNOS/4º)

Clothes crossword exercise

Whith this exercise, you'll improve your spelling and vocabulary about clothes.
3 4 
6 7 8 9 
11 12 
13 14 15 





We'll do this exercise at classroom, with the whiteboard, but you can find it at the next link:

Clothes listening and writing

With this activity, you'll improve your listening skills, and at the same time you'll consolidate your clothes vocabulary.

1.- Here you have a picture. You can download it pressing the word "here".

Then, you have to click on the following video, and listen the description of what they're wearing. Then, paint the clothes according to the descriptions,

Auto-correction: If you want to know if you've painted it well, you can have a look at the original image at the next link:

2.-When you've finished listenning, fill in the following document descriptions:

Don't forget to write down your name at the end of the document!!!

P.S. Special thanks to Lucy Bellwood for the original image. (

sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2014

Improve your reading and spelling with family vocabulary

These are two vocabulary exercises. With them, you can practise the family words we've learnt in our 4th level of primary classroom.

1.- The J Cloze: You can work with it alone or in pairs, it's up to you, but I prefer that you work with it alone, because at this way you could see your own knowledge.

IMPORTANT! Take care in correct spelling: the computer will only understand words written properly and in lowercase

Click on the following link (it's written in blue). It will open you the exercise I've prepared for you:


JCloze of family tree     

2.- The CLEAR SMILE ACTIVITY: In the next link, you will find a drag-and-drop exercise. If you select the button You have to read the description of a family name, and the you have to choose the correct answer, choosing one of the red words. Drag the correct one and drop it next to the description.

I hope you enjoy it!

miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

My first post in this blog

This is my first post in this blog, only for get the link and could start to prepare it...

Meanwhile, I have to say that all this blog will be made and thought for 4th primary level students, because I'm practising with this target at my PRACTICUM.

It will be a blog designed so that students can work from home, reinforcing the knowledge we have learned in class, and for their parents to know and follow what their children are working in school.

On the other hand, I also would like to use it as extension activities in class, so students who end up activities on this topic can deepen this knowledge.

I hope it would be useful for all of us.