domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2014

Clothes listening and writing

With this activity, you'll improve your listening skills, and at the same time you'll consolidate your clothes vocabulary.

1.- Here you have a picture. You can download it pressing the word "here".

Then, you have to click on the following video, and listen the description of what they're wearing. Then, paint the clothes according to the descriptions,

Auto-correction: If you want to know if you've painted it well, you can have a look at the original image at the next link:

2.-When you've finished listenning, fill in the following document descriptions:

Don't forget to write down your name at the end of the document!!!

P.S. Special thanks to Lucy Bellwood for the original image. (

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  1. Congratulations for your blog! I like it because you can do different kind of activities. If I have to highlight something I will say that maybe the colours are not my favourite ones. However the information is very clear and you can get the task without problems. Also the handwriting you used will be helpful for students. I understand the problems to upload the apps but you did your best and you can continue improving your blogger skills. Good luck!