sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2014

Improve your reading and spelling with family vocabulary

These are two vocabulary exercises. With them, you can practise the family words we've learnt in our 4th level of primary classroom.

1.- The J Cloze: You can work with it alone or in pairs, it's up to you, but I prefer that you work with it alone, because at this way you could see your own knowledge.

IMPORTANT! Take care in correct spelling: the computer will only understand words written properly and in lowercase

Click on the following link (it's written in blue). It will open you the exercise I've prepared for you:


JCloze of family tree     

2.- The CLEAR SMILE ACTIVITY: In the next link, you will find a drag-and-drop exercise. If you select the button You have to read the description of a family name, and the you have to choose the correct answer, choosing one of the red words. Drag the correct one and drop it next to the description.


I hope you enjoy it!

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